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В него не верили, шутили,
Но он прервал нелепый смех.
Вот это Джошуа влупили,
Так смачно на глазах у всех.

Закрылись рты, улыбки спали.
Переобулись под шумок.
Никто не спал, все к бою встали.
Там Саша преподал урок.

Впервые Энтони взмолился,
И взгляд кидал свой в небеса.
А Саша не спеша трудился,
И забирал все пояса.

Ну вот и гонг прощай Антоша,
Прощайте так же пояса.
А мы отбили все ладоши,
И посрывали голоса !!!

© Grad Podol

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The "Open Championship" of the Svyatoshinsky district in Greco-Roman wrestling has ended in Kiev.

About 100 young athletes born in 2009-2011 from all over the capital took part in the competition. Including pupils of the Greco-Roman wrestling section of the sports school of the FSCT "Grad Podil", who won the following prizes:

  • First place - Vova Voronov, weight: 35 kg.
  • Second place - Nazar Shevchenko, weight: 73 kg.
  • Third place - Denis Nikiforchuk, weight: 53 kg.

Children's Coach, master of sports of Ukraine, Dmytro Ivanovych Haydamachenko .

The awards were presented to the winners by the deputy head of the Svyatoshinsky district Alexey Mashkovsky.

The first and victorious football tournament !!!

The players of FC "GRAD PODIL" snatched the victory in the fiercest battle of the final match!

The tournament turned out to be very dynamic, bright, intense and even tough. The final battles continued for two days. The intensity of passions went off scale to the limit.

And it is very important that the football players of FSKT "GRAD PODIL" won the first tournament of such level.

The beginning and the foundation were laid, more than worthily.

Published in History of the club

In Kyiv, in the shopping and entertainment center "Blockbuster mall", the Festival of wrestling among young men is taking place. Teams from: Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Kyiv regions and wrestlers from capital schools and clubs arrived in the capital.

06/05/21 On the first day of the festival of wrestling - the holiday was a success. School of wrestling and boxing with the support of FSO "GRAD PODIL" congratulates the first winners:
First place - Vladimir Vorona
Second place - David Litvinov
Third places - Anton Klyuchka and Denis Nikifarchuk

06/06/21 Team competitions took place.

Three athletes of "GRAD PODIL" - wrestling team, took part in the team championship. They won three of the four fights and took third place. We hope that next year, we will be represented by an even stronger team.

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