At the heart of the creation of the physical culture and sports society "GRAD PODOL" and the main idea of the activity, is an increase in the level of sports culture among the younger generation. In particular, school-age youth.

Sport, as a culture and an integral part of our life, precisely at this age, can and should become the basis for building views on a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of each state is a healthy nation, and without the grafted idea and implementation of work with youth, the result will not appear on its own. Hence the conclusion that the planned training and working with the younger generation in mind for the correct distribution of physical activity will certainly give a positive result in the construction of a healthy society.

A variety of sports activities is also one of the goals of our sports club. Someone swims well, and someone is better with football, and someone is strong in martial arts and here coaching professionalism and skill comes into force. This is the second and one of the main tasks of the club.

To select and provide a competent coaching staff and, in turn, provide the coach with everything necessary for the education and transfer of sports skills to young people. In the process and over time, training of the coaching staff, with advanced training courses for themselves, in the classrooms of the club.

The variety of sports, gives us the potential for choice to direct students, exactly in the direction in which they will show the maximum sports result. For this, various groups and sports divisions have been created on the basis of our sports club. Holding competitions and tournaments, both national and international, is also one of the main goals of our activity. After all, the result of the team's work can be seen only in a direct sports clash of the competitors. And we have been doing this professionally for many years, raising the level of sports and the prestige of Ukraine in the international arena. We are developing and growing. After all, views, as well as the ratio of spirit and body, are the key to defining human identity. SPORT is one of the main helpers to find this key.