On the eve of the upcoming New Year 2022, as part of the results and congratulations of the young athletes of the Club, New Year's trainings were held.

Passing sports standards and of course New Year's gifts.

A sea of smiles, children’s eyes burning with a holiday, positive emotions and mood.

Honor and Praise to the coaching staff of the FSCT "Grad Podil"

Happy Winter Holidays everyone !!!

The IV traditional tournament of Sumy region in Greco-Roman wrestling in Putivl was dedicated to the memory of the Honored coach of Ukraine Yanki Nikolay Ivanovich

Under the guidance of their coach, master of sports of Ukraine, Dmytro Ivanovych Haydamachenko, the athletes from the sports school of the FSCT "Grad Podil" took part in this competition in a small composition:

  • Vlad Bukhanenko, weight - 62 kg
  • David Litvinov, weight - 62 kg
  • Denis Nikiforchuk, weight - 59 kg
  • Alexander Kravets, weight - 32 kg

Congratulations on the gold medal to Vladimir Rudyak, weight - 35 kg.

Our team took V place in the team competition

Tournament, which was attended by 270 athletes, a wonderful memory of a good coach.

We are training, ‍We are working, We are advancing !!!

11 athletes from the sports school FSCT "Grad Podil", Vynohradar branch, took part in the open championship of the School of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling in different age and weight categories.

Coach of the Greco-Roman wrestling section of the sports school of the FSCT "Grad Podil", master of sports of Ukraine, Dmytro Ivanovych Haydamachenko

Championship Winners:

  • gold - Igor Shulyak 42 kg
  • silver - Alexander Kravets 33 kg
  • silver - Timur Koval 45 kg
  • bronze - Vladimir Vorona 38 kg

We would like to mention Vadym Haidamachenko, who weighed 28 kg and had 5 fights and took the 5th place. There was a little lack of moral preparation for a better result.

Do not forget that our athletes are still children and their victories are yet to come. All the guys are great, they all tried.


On October 17, the All-Ukrainian Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament "ENERGOATOM CUP 2021" within the framework of the Open Children's League took place in Yuzhnoukrainsk.

132 young wrestlers from 23 teams took part in the competition.

Congratulations to the winners of the competitions, coaches and parents!

Our young athletes from the sports school of the FSCT "Grad Podil" took part in this competition:

  • Vladimir Vorona, weight: 35 kg.
  • Denis Nikiforchuk, weight: 53 kg.

Athletes' Coach, master of sports of Ukraine, Dmytro Ivanovych Haydamachenko

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